Indian Silver Furniture

Following is the complete information about Indian Silver furniture. Here we are outlining the steps we use to manufacture the furniture and other information.
  1. First a wooden structure is made of the furniture. We use Indian Best Teakwood to manufacture the carved product.
  2. Silver is taken and the sheet is made of it. The Thickness of the sheet depends on the quantity of the silver to be used. more the quantity used. more thickness of the sheet. More Quantity used means more expensive the furniture becomes. Furniture cost will depend on the quantity of silver used in it.
  3. Now This silver sheet is fitted and pasted on the carved teakwood furniture.
  4. It requires great artistery and patience to do it by hand.
  5. Then all the pasting glues and other imperfections are removed and polishing is done to make is shining silver look.
  6. We also optionally offer the antique silver polish; the furniture will look classy and antique.
  7. We also offer melamine and PU coating to the ready furniture to make it weather resistance.
  8. The Furniture is covered in brown paper, thermocol and bubblesheets from all sides.
  9. It is packed in wooden boxes for the safe transportation and shipping to destination.