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For Indian Customers: Delivery in India

We use following medium of transportation for delivery in India.

A. Courier & Cargo Companies.

For the small consignments which contains one or few products. we suggest to deliver it to your home by courier or cargo companies. Other option is to be sent by Transporters.

B. Transportation by Big Trucks.

When project is big and number of products is more. we suggest it to be delivered by trucks. Delivery by trucks can be made to all parts of India in Most economical way.

C. Transportation By Mahindra Pick-up.

When number is products is less than 10. we suggest it to be delivered by Small Mahindra pick-up. These pick-ups can deliver the goods in the range of 500 miles from Rajasthan.

All the Transportation charges must be paid to courier / trucking company directly.

All Transportation charges are to be paid by customer.